Additional Services

Finishing your film is a lot more than just hitting the ‘Export’ button at the end of the day. Before you even begin shooting, talk to our team about how to get the best out of your images by plotting out an effective production and post production workflow.

Our experienced post production professional and network of specialized vendors can help facilitate the totality of your post production deliverables needs.


Simple DCP can implement subtitles and captions for both on-screen playback and auxiliary devices with support for both XML and PNG subtitling. Supply your subtitles in any of the following formats:

  • Adobe Story Dialog (astx)
  • Adobe Premiere (xml)
  • Annotation Transcriber (tvtt)
  • Avid DS/Subcap (doc, rtf, txt)
  • Belle Nuit Subtitler (stp)
  • Captionate (xml)
  • Cavena (cip, mtl)
  • Cavena (.890)
  • Cavena Scantitling (.890)
  • Captionmaker (cap)
  • Cheetah closed caption (asc)
  • Cheetah closed caption (cap)
  • Celtix Dialog (html, celtx)
  • DLP CineCanvas (xml)
  • DVD Studio Pro / Spruce STL (stl, doc, rtf, txt)
  • EBU (stl) open and closed
  • Encore (doc, rtf, txt)
  • Excel (xml)
  • FAB Text (doc, rtf, txt)
  • Final Cut Pro (xml)
  • Final Cut Server (xml)
  • Final Cut Pro X (fcpxml)
  • Final Draft 8 (fdx)
  • Gelula (das, dat, doc, rtf, txt)
  • Google Transcript (xml)
  • iTunes Timed Text (itt)
  • Lemony 3 (lem3)

  • Lemony 4 (lem4)
  • MacCaption (cca)
  • MicroDVD (sub)
  • ProCap (cap)
  • QuickTime Subs (mov, m4v)
  • Qube Master Pro (txt)
  • RealText (rt)
  • Scantitling (890)
  • SCC Closed Caption (scc, mov, m4v)
  • Screen PAC (pac/rac) latin / greek-latin
  • Screen Win2020 (doc, rtf, txt)
  • Smoke (xml)
  • Softitler (doc, rtf, txt)
  • SubRip (srt)
  • SubStation Alpha (ssa,ass)
  • Swift (sif, xif)
  • Titlevision 2003 (txt)
  • Titra (txt, rtf, tit)
  • TitraPro (txt, rtf, tit)
  • Transana (trs)
  • Ultech script (usf)
  • Universal Subtitle Format (usf)
  • VideoTron Lambda (txt)
  • WebVTT (vtt)
  • Win2020 (txt)
  • YouTube transcript (sbv)

Simple DCP can help you navigate Time Text track generation at the right budget for your deliverables. Ask us about:

  • Transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Captioning

  • Translation
  • Combined Dialogue and Spotting List
  • Dialogue Continuity Scripts

  • Frame Rate Conform with pitch shift – Free with conversion
  • Generic frame-blend frame rate conversion – $5/min
Simple DCP offers high quality upconversion of HD source material to UHD/4K through our partners at UltraMedia Innovation. UltraMedia’s proprietary algorithm offers the highest quality upconversion to 4K. Simple DCP makes the delivery and archival process for your media effortless with complimentary delivery to and retrieval from UltraMedia’s cloud based computing engine.
Full quantitative assessment acceptable for broadcast and distributor delivery is available upon request for any asset. Includes full picture, multi-track audio, and English subtitle assessment.
Clients are entitled to evaluation of their projects free of charge in our DCI color timed screening room. Theatrical QC can be arranged at any screening room in Los Angeles for the price of the room rental and drive delivery.